Bird Flu Advisory


Issued in Public Interest by Keggfarms Pvt Ltd

In light of the recent outbreak of Avian Influenza ( Also known as Bird Flu), and the large amount of information being circulated on various media, as responsible members of the Poultry industry, we feel the following information will help the public at large to make informed decisions about purchasing and consuming poultry products during these times.



  • As regards eggs, ordinarily all eggs are safe. However if they come from a farm infected by Bird Flu, case there maybe some chance that the virus is potentially present on the shell of a dirty egg.


  • In the prevailing situation, the safest eggs are thus those which originate from known or reputable sources, from farms which are free of bird flu. Thus while purchasing eggs, buy eggs from a clean, bird flu free source/ farm.


  • Industrially processed, branded dressed chickens are the safest, especially those processed and delivered through cold chains. In other words a Chicken which is sold in a reputed outlet as a Branded product.


  • Live Chickens or freshly slaughtered Chickens, may or maynot be carrying the Virus. Obviously no virus will be present unless the Chicken has been sourced from a contaminated farm.  However, if buying a live bird, care must be taken to buy from a Bird Flu free farm.



It is best to procure eggs which are branded and come from a known Avian Influenza free poultry farm

As far as Chicken is concerned, it is best to buy a dressed branded chicken, so long as the threat of Bird flu remains.



Avian Influenza virus is ordinarily not transmittable to human beings and thus all products are reasonably safe.  The virus in any case does not survive in Eggs and Chickens when heated/cooked beyond 70oc.  Thus well cooked Chickens and Eggs will be safe at all times to consume.

We refer you again to advise to buy Branded eggs and Branded dressed Chicken from known and reputed sources.