Feeding the top and the Bottom of the Indian Society

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  • Premium Quality Eggs for the
  • discerning consumer

KUROILER® – Bird of Hope and an Agent of Change

  • Poverty Alleviation .
  • Women Empowerment .
  • Food Security

"Ethical and Humane Poultry Production"

Every business we undertake adds tangible and measurable value to the human race with due regard to animal welfare and environmental concerns.

The KEGGFARMS Tree of Life

The “Tree of Life” is a widespread sacred symbol across world’s various mythologies and has been used as a metaphor for evolution by Charles Darwin. The KEGGFARMS Tree of life is equally sacred and represents the evolution of an individual’s dream into collective action. The true measure of our journey is not what we have achieved, but what we have been able to give.

KEGGFARMS Pvt. Ltd. is the oldest Private Sector Poultry Breeding Organisation of India

Research & Development

KEGGFARMS is recognized by the Government of India, Ministry of Science & Technology, as an in house R&D unit since 1970’s.
KEGGFARMS was established in 1967 and its vision was in consonance with the National Objectives of –

  • Augmenting the National Food Basket
  • Employment and Income generation opportunities in Poultry sector
  • Enhancing affordable Protein food availability

Keys to these objectives were then qualified as –

  • Availability of high performance poultry stocks
  • Availability of balanced feed
  • Availability of adequate health care
  • Housing and Husbandry practices to support high yielding poultry

to Customers
Pan India

… and spreading its
wings in South East Asia,
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Group Overview

KEGGFARMS Group was established in the year 1967 by Mr. Vinod S Kapur. It is a diversified family
led business group, with interests in the areas of Genetics, Food, Biotechnology and Nutrition.